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Slideshow Maker: Photo to Video with Music 1.7 | Unlocked

Slideshow Maker : Photo to Video with Music
With this application you can create videos using photos from your mobile gallery. Its super easy and fast to create amazing videos in no time. Just select images from mobile gallery, add your desired music, apply latency rate and select animation theme and your video is ready. Share them over social media and get lots of likes.

Videos from photos
Select images on any occasion from mobile gallery, it could be birthday, marriage anniversary, holiday tour etc and create slideshow videos on these images. Sharing video of photos is more interesting them just sharing images. Make theme based videos full hd.

Add your own music
You can add your own music to your video. You can download songs or browse any music from mobile gallery to add to your video.
Apply 3D or 2D animation effects
There are total 19 animation themes to select from. You can apply any of these animated themes to your video.
Professional Videos in no time
It take hardly 2-4 minutes to create professional videos with this application. The processing time to create video is super fast. You video will be processed in seconds.
Video Preview
Get instant preview of all the effects applied before creating and saving your video.

Share directly from the app
All videos created in this application can be directed shared on social apps like
Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, email etc.