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Photo Sketch Maker 1.2.2 APK

This application ” photo sketch maker”+ editor is an amazing app to convert your photos like pencil sketches. This application is very easy to use and totally free on store.
● “photo sketch maker”
👉 {Import a photo from mobile gallery crop it and convert it into pencil sketch shape easily.}
● features.

👉 “photo sketch maker”
☆ crop photos.
☆ sketch of different types like!
pencil sketch. Color sketch.
Hard pencil sketch. Red pencil sketch.
Green pencil sketch. And many others like this
☆ share photos on social media easily.
☆ save photos in mobile gallery.
☆ water color sketch.
“photo sketch maker”
👉” give your suggestions in reviews and help us to improve our “Photo sketch maker”
” Photo sketch maker”
■👉 This application “sketch Photo maker is totally free and sported by ads