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AdShield: Ad Blocker, Fast & Private v4.6.7 [Paid]

AdShield is a device-wide ad blocker that runs on your phone & tablet.
The application only runs on Browser
Why I need a blocker?

If you are using Chrome or Chromium-like Browser:
• Disable browser compression (data saver)
• Type in chrome://flags search for async DNS resolver (#enable-async-dns) and choose disabled in the drop down menu.
Otherwise chrome could bypass AdShield which blocks nothing.
If you are experiencing strange problems, please try to reinstall AdShield.

Pre-defined upstream DNS is non-logging servers by
Cloudflare. For more information, go to

AdShield cannot block 100% unwanted content.
AdShield can block ads
• Mobile/PC websites with annoying ads

Blocks ads
• Saves your data plan
• Browse FASTER
• Increase battery life: As it only intercepts DNS traffic it is a fairly lightweight solution and does not seem to have any measurable effect on the battery life.

Types of block
• Blocks annoying ads
• Blocks tracker
• Blocks malicious websites

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What’s New:
Updated BlockList to 20190601